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Piper Halliwell is a fictional character from the WB Television Network supernatural Drama series Charmed and its subsequent spin-offs. The character is portrayed by actress Holly Marie Combs, and appeared in every episode of Charmed from its pilot episode, "Something Wicca This Way Comes", first broadcast on October 7, 1998, until its series finale, "Forever Charmed". Piper was developed by Charmed creator Constance M. Burge as the middle child of three sisters, until Prue went missing at the end of the third season. After the discovery of her long-lost half-sister, Paige Matthews, Piper became the eldest of three sisters.

She is one of the show's titular characters, the Charmed Ones, and the owner of nightclub "P3" in San Francisco, where the series is set. Piper is married to her whitelighter up untill Season 6, Leo Wyatt, and is the mother of two sons. Her storylines revolve around her attempts towards a normal life, despite her supernatural abilities, and her overcoming the obstacles of her romantic relationship with Leo, including saving their eldest son, Wyatt Halliwell, from becoming evil.

Biography Edit

Early character history Edit

Piper Halliwell was born June 6, 1973, the second child of Patricia "Patty" HalliwellI and Victor Bennet in the Season One episode "That 70's Episode", it is revealed that, on March 24, 1975, she was visited by a future version of herself. It was also on that day that Patty made a pact with the warlock Nicholas to make him a ring that made him immune to her daughters' powers. After Piper's younger sister, Phoebe, was born in November 1975, Penny bound their powers to keep Nicholas from collecting them and ultimately killing them.

Revelation as a Charmed One Edit

After their Grams dies Piper and her older sister Prue move back into their childhood home, a Victorian Manor which has been in their family for generations and willed to the sisters. The pilot picks up six months later when their youngest sister Phoebe moves home and discovers The Book of Shadows in their attic, from an old spirit board. The three sisters make the discovery of an ancient prophecy which spoke of generations of Halliwell's culminating in the arrival of three sisters becoming the most powerful witches known to walk the earth -- The Charmed Ones.

Powers and abilities Edit

Molecular Immobilization Edit

As a new witch, Piper develops the power of molecular immobilization; the ability to slow down the molecules of an object or person to the point of motionless activity. At first her power was triggered by fear and only works on people/objects within close range in the same room as her. She also has no control over the length of time the effects last. She used her power for the first time during a practical interview for Quake -- Chef Moore entered before she had completed her recipe, and she froze him accidentally, to complete her dish.

Molecular Combustion Edit

Her second power was said to be a sort of advancement, Molecular Combustion allowed Piper to speed up the motion of molecules to the point of combustion. This power was so strong that usually the sisters never needed potions unless there happened to be a very powerful demon.

Molecular Electrocution Edit

This was Piper's 3rd power which she developed in Season mid-Season 7, this was another advancement of her powers, only this time, she was able to trigger electricty through molecules, this would come in handy when Zankou took her powers in the Season 7 finale, since he did not know of her 3rd power, and she shocked him right in the head, which didn't do much damage, but is still considered a powerful ability.